Ethical Hacking is our specialty, we offer support by participating in prevention, detection and response.
We perform security audits in any communications network.

Consulting and advisory

Our multidisciplinary team is a pioneer in Spain in the cybersecurity area. The experience acquired during all these years allows us to guide and advise you, so that you can choose the solution that best suits your problem, achieving the expected results.

Security audit

We audit any communications network, websites, physical systems and clouds. We review the infrastructure and systems from every possible point of view. We perform white and black box audits, intrusion test, vulnerability analysis in firmware, pentesting of devices...

Computer forensics

We use technological solutions that allow us to cross, analyze and interpret millions of data. We identify and collect the relevant information to obtain the expected results. We use procedures compatible with their use as evidence before courts and administrations.

Computer expertise

We act in procedures that require technical-computer knowledge and in which the evidences are stored in information systems. We carry out expert reports, counter-reports, opinions and certificates for official, public and private organizations.

Data recovery

We specialize in data recovery of hard drives and data recovery of RAID Systems. We recover data from any digital storage device that presents failures, being able to carry out from any type of hard disk, support or operating system.

Integral management

We analyze the situation of your system and implement complete security plans. We design and maintain solutions based on complex data network infrastructures applying the most current technologies. We integrate secure, scalable and easy-to-manage networks.


We have renowned experts to offer a complete IoT security consulting service at hardware and software level.
We design and develop complete IoT systems.

Smart cities

Smart cities are the result of the increasingly urgent need to orient our lives towards sustainability. Thus, these cities use infrastructure, innovation and technology to reduce energy consumption and reduce CO2 emissions.

Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 solutions collect, analyze and transform data into accurate information applicable and in real time. Connecting with global operations and broader business systems, improves collaboration, solves problems faster and optimizes innovation.


Smart sensors pursue an improvement in our quality of life. This network of intelligent sensors connected to the Internet is extended to practically all the assets that make up the city, the industry and even rural environments, marking a clear trend for the future.


We audit radiofrequency signals and wireless communications protocols. We have the best spectrum analysis equipment to guarantee a quality service. Radio signals are not visible and can cause you a lot of damage if you do not take the right protective measures.


We design, develop and implement RFID and NFC solutions, both hardware and software. We have professionals who have a lot of experience in the sector, so the developments will not start from scratch. You can tailor the Backend and choose a Midleware created by us.


We develop firmware in different environments such as Microcontrollers, PLC or Embedded Systems. We work with low level languages such as Assembler and C, high level as C ++ and MicroPython. We extract the firmware of any device and perform a vulnerability analysis.


We are pioneers in the use of the blockchain from different perspectives, we offer consulting and advisory services to the implementation and development of projects.

Consulting and advisory

We offer support, advice and assistance in any doubt related to the blockchain and the implementation or integration of it. We make an adequate study to your needs with the help of accredited experts.


We perform the installation and commissioning of any mining equipment, both hardware and software, we automate and optimize the system so that it works autonomously with real time monitoring.

Your platform

We create your custom platform based on the blockchain network, public or private... smart contracts, product traceability, identity verification, digital voting, self-governing cities, wallets...

Payment gateway

We integrate existing payment gateways for the acceptance of tokens or cryptocurrencies as a payment method in your virtual store, we also develop secure payment gateways, specific for custom projects.

Crypto currencies

We create crypto currencies, tokens and configure your private or public blockchain to launch it to the market through ICOs, we take care of the configuration of the nodes and the consensus system.


We develop control panels to visualize your information in real time, we implement alarm systems with the metrics, transactions, connections or systems that you wish to obtain in your control panel.


We design plans to raise awareness of employees, conduct in-house courses and give lectures or talks on any of the disciplines in which we work.

Consult us your needs and we will take care of providing you with a customized training.

Data science
Artificial intelligence

Digital transformation

We make your digital transformation covering all technological needs and adapting to your economic sector: hotels, museums, schools, hospitals, restaurants, offices or residences.


If you collect, save, treat, use or manage some type of data you need it. We implement your security policies and procedures for the adaptation and compliance of the GDPR.


Migrate and secure servers from local data centers to the cloud, facilitating access from anywhere and eliminating the maintenance required by CPDs.


We develop control panels to visualize any information in real time, we implement alarm systems with the most relevant metrics, connections or systems.

Turnkey projects

We offer turnkey technological projects according to the new standards of development, architecture, control and management in national and international territory.

Custom projects

Do you have an idea? Any problem to solve? We adapt to you and your needs!
Tell us what you need or what you would like to do and we will design a customized plan to carry out your project.

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