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Elephant Hacking Privacy Policy

Elephant Hacking, S.L., as the owner of the website, informs you that the companies promise to respect the privacy, secrecy and security of their users’ personal data, in accordance to the established Regulation (UE) 2016/679, General Data Protection Regulations.


When we gather your personal data through our website you will be conveniently informed about: who handles your data, what purpose it is used for, what the legitimacy of data processing is based on, the possibility of exercising your rights and other information of interest. Moreover, your data will be cancelled according to the defined policy retention, of which you will be informed about. In any case, also when you request it, by exercising your cancellation right.


We will seek your consent whenever necessary and we will give you the necessary tools so that you can access and update your personal information, as well as decide how to manage your data, by selecting the purpose of how we can process it.


We take care to guarantee the security, secrecy and confidentiality of your data. For this reason, as part of our promise and in compliance with the legislation in force, we have adopted the most demanding and robust security measures and technical resources to avoid the loss, misuse or unauthorized access of your data. We commit ourselves to keeping your data secret and also guarantee our duty of keeping them secure, by adopting all of the necessary and reasonable measures that will avoid their unauthorized alteration, loss, processing or access, in agreement with the applicable established legislation.

Feel free to contact us about any doubts which may arise in regard to this privacy policy at: and we will be happy to help you.

Elephant Hacking Cookies Policy

In compliance with Spanish law governing the use of cookies in relation to providing electronic communications services, set out in Royal Decree-law 13/2012 of 30 March, we hereby inform you about the cookies used on Elephant Hacking’s website, (hereinafter, the website) and the reason for their use. Similarly, Elephant Hacking informs you that by browsing the website, you agree to our use of cookies.

What are cookies and what are they used for?

A cookie is a file that is downloaded to the computer, tablet, smartphone or any other device on accessing certain websites. Cookies allow a website to store and retrieve information about a user or device’s browsing habits and depending on the information it contains and how the device is used, they can be used to recognise a user. Under no circumstance can cookies damage your device. In fact, enabling cookies helps us to identify and resolve possible errors.

Identifying cookies

Below is a list of cookies arranged into a series of categories. However, bear in mind that a cookie could be included in more than one category.

Cookies according to the entity that manages them:

Depending on the entity that manages the server or domain from which the cookies are sent and which processes the data they contain, cookies can be classified into:

  • First-party cookies: These cookies are sent to the user’s device from a server or domain managed by the publisher and which provides the service requested by the user.
  • Third-party cookies: These cookies are sent to the user’s device from a server or domain that is not managed by the publisher but by another entity that processes the data collected through cookies.
  • If cookies are installed from a server or domain managed by the publisher but the information collected though them is managed by a third-party, they are not classed as first-party cookies.

Types of cookies according to how long they remain activated:

Depending on how long they remain activated on the device, cookies can be divided into:

  • Session cookies: These cookies are designed to gather and store data when the user accesses a website. They are usually used to store data that is only needed to provide the service requested by the user on one occasion (e.g. a list of products purchased).
  • Persistent cookies: These cookies are stored on the device and can be accessed and managed over the period of time defined by the entity in charge of the cookie, which can range from minutes to several years.

Cookies according to their purpose:

Depending on the purpose of the data collected through the cookie, cookies can be divided into:

  • Technical cookies: These cookies allow the user to browse a website, platform or application and use the options or services available, such as control traffic and data communications, identify the session, access areas with restricted access, remember the items included in an order, carry out the purchase process for an order, complete an event registration or participation form, use security components while browsing, store content to play videos or sounds or share content on social networks.
  • Personalisation cookies: These cookies allow users to access the service with some general features defined by default according to a series of criteria on the user’s device, such as language, browser used to access the service, regional settings from which the service is accessed, etc.
  • Analytics cookies: These cookies allow the entity in charge of them to track and analyse the behaviour of users of the websites to which they are linked. The information collected by these cookies is used to measure the activity of the websites, applications or platforms and to compile browsing profiles of the users of these websites, applications and platforms in order to make improvements based on analysing the data on how users use the service.
  • Advertising cookies: These cookies allow the advertising space that the publisher has included on the website, application or platform used to provide the service to be used as efficiently as possible based on criteria such as edited content or how frequently advertisements are shown.
  • Behavioural advertising cookies: These cookies allow the advertising space that the publisher has included on the website, application or platform used to provide the service to be used as efficiently as possible. These cookies store information about user behaviour collected by constantly monitoring their browsing habits, which allows a specific profile to be developed to display advertising accordingly.

The cookies used on our website are first-party and third-party. They allow us to store and access information related to the language, the browser used and other general features defined by the user and to track and analyse their activity in order to improve our services in a more efficient and personalised way. Elephant Hacking does not use advertising or behavioural advertising cookies.

Cookies offer many benefits when providing information society services, as they: (i) help users to browse the website and access the services available; (ii) save users from having to configure the general features defined by default whenever they access the website; (iii) aid improved functioning and services provided by the website, after the corresponding analysis of the information collected via the cookies installed.

Elephant Hacking does not collect or store your personal data (for example, name and address) and therefore, this data cannot be used to identify you.

However, you can configure your browser, allow or block cookies, or select those that can be installed and those that cannot by following the procedure for the browser used:

On its website, Elephant Hacking uses:

Analysis cookies:

Analysis cookies are stored and are temporary, that is, they expire with 24h when the user finishes browsing the website. These cookies do not permanently store any data on the hard disk of your computer.

This is a table of Cookie’s information

owa_sElephant Hacking24hStore the search term2
owa_sElephant Hacking24hStore the pages view2

Intrusion levels associated with the cookies we use

The aforementioned cookies incorporate an ‘intrusion level’ criteria based on a scale of 1 to 3, in which:

  • Level 1: Corresponds to internal use cookies that are essential for providing the service requested by the user.
  • Level 2: Corresponds to anonymous internal use cookies needed to maintain content and browsing, in addition to cookies managed by third-parties in the framework of the services expressly requested by the user on their websites (e.g. social plug-ins for Facebook or Twitter, incrusted videos and maps).
  • Level 3: Corresponds to cookies managed by third-parties in the framework of services not expressly requested by the user, allowing them to be tracked through websites not belonging to Elephant Hacking (e.g. graphic advertising management platforms). This level is specified along with the name of the owner. Using level 3 cookies is subject to the prior consent of the user who must expressly accept them.


These lists will be updated as quickly as possible as the services offered on the website change and evolve. However, during the update the list might not include a cookie, but these cookies will always have the same purposes as those included in these lists.

Last updated July 2018